30 March 2022

Valentin Chuev supported the appeal of StAR and ROSI

The head physician of the dental center "VLADMIVA" Valentin Chuev supported the appeal of the President of the Dental Association of Russia, MD. Andrey Yaremenko and President of the Association of Trade and Industrial Enterprises of Dentistry RosSI Javid Agayev to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin. In this appeal, they proposed to the government a number of measures that will help stabilize the current state of the market for dental materials and instruments, as well as the market for dental services.

The need to introduce such measures is due to the sanctions against Russia, which affected not only the end users of dental materials, but also their manufacturers, since part of the equipment, components and raw materials are purchased abroad.

“[Additional costs associated with sanctions] today, unfortunately, we are forced to pay out of our own pockets. And patients are forced to pay for our services at higher prices,” said Valentin Chuev.

Among the most significant points of appeal are the organization of accelerated registration of dental medical devices; reduction of terms of consideration of changes in registration documents; organization of a centralized logistics chain for the supply of raw materials, components and materials of foreign production for the manufacture of dental medical products; reduction of the tax burden on enterprises that manufacture medical devices, the introduction of a VAT refund mechanism; organization of the purchase of foreign currency at the rate of the Central Bank for the purchase of raw materials, components and materials of foreign production for the manufacture of medical devices in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Chuev notes that "such measures can speed up, improve and simplify tasks for Russian manufacturers." “Thus, import substitution, which we have been personally engaged in for 30 years at our enterprise, will go by leaps and bounds. This appeal is absolutely correct, true, and I fully support it.”

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