Beauty and health studio

For more than 3 years, the VladMiVa Health and Beauty Studio has been successfully implementing an integrated approach to solving podological and cosmetological problems using the latest materials and developments. In addition, the studio provides aesthetic services of nail service, hairdressing and restorative massage. All employees regularly improve their skills and attend international exhibitions and conferences, which allows them to take a leading position in their field.
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The organization provides services:

The studio provides all types of cosmetology services: aesthetic, hardware and injection cosmetology. All masters have a medical education and extensive experience in specialized work.
A full range of podology services allows you to effectively work with problem feet, perform medical pedicures and restore nail plates.
Our clients do not share beauty and health by performing aesthetic manicure and pedicure in the VladMiVa studio. We are chosen for strict control of compliance with sanitary rules and regulations, the use of the latest types of coatings and high service.
Hairdressing art
In the studio you can get a full range of hairdressing services: men's and women's haircuts, plain and complex coloring, as well as treatments with a cumulative and long-term effect.
We practice effective methods of restorative massage that allow you to quickly relieve muscle spasms, back pain and heaviness in the legs. Relaxing techniques that relieve nervous tension and normalize sleep are very popular. Effective body shaping techniques allow the studio to take a leading position in working with the body