VMV Lab is a full-cycle CAD/CAM center that performs the full range of dental work. The VMV Lab team of dental technicians processes hundreds of orders every day to provide clinics throughout Russia with modern and high-precision dental products.

The CAD/CAM center is equipped with modern CAD/CAM systems, 3D printers and other high-tech equipment that allows solving tasks in a short time and using the latest materials
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The organization provides services:

Milling center
- Ti
- Zircon
- Cobalt chromium
- Wax
- 3D printing with photopolymer
- Application of ceramics
- Additional elements
Finished products
- Fixed prosthetics
- Metal-free restoration
- Production of one unit of metal
- Production of one unit of plastic
- Removable prosthetics
- Clasp prosthetics
- Casting
- CAD/CAM restoration
- Other
- Removable devices for expansion
- Additional types of work, elements, accessories
- Devices for distalization and mesialization
- Devices of functional action
- Fixed expansion devices
- Devices ALF, Crozat
- Apparatus for stabilization
- Sleep guards

Organization Events