VladMiVa Dental Center

The VladMiVa Dental Center is a new generation clinic for those who choose diagnostic and treatment procedures based on the use of high technologies and modern scientific developments.

We follow all the innovations in the field of dentistry and apply them in our practice. We have the opportunity to work on the equipment and materials of the latest generation, which allows us to produce high-precision diagnostics and high-quality treatment!

The peculiarity of the work of our doctors lies in a comprehensive and collegial approach to treatment. We carry out complex functional diagnostics and draw up an optimal treatment plan with a predictable result
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The organization provides services:

Diagnosis of the condition and treatment of teeth
Therapeutic dentistry deals with the treatment of dental caries and its complications.

Caries is the gradual destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth - enamel and dentin. First, the enamel becomes looser: a spot of a lighter color than the main color of the enamel forms on the surface of the tooth. This is the so-called caries in the white spot stage. At the same time, a person does not experience painful sensations, but nevertheless this situation is an indication for dental treatment, since in the future caries can completely destroy them. On the other hand, dental problems can be avoided if caries prevention measures are taken regularly.

The doctor assesses the situation, and depending on how far the pathological process has gone, chooses a method for treating caries. Of course, the sooner you start caries treatment, the better.

In the early stages of caries, dental treatment is not difficult. The remineralization procedure allows you to stop caries in the white spot stage.

Its essence is that the enamel is saturated with calcium and fluorine ions - and becomes much stronger. The reliability and duration of the result is individual, but since the procedure is simple, it can always be repeated.

Now you have the opportunity to stop caries in the early stages using a unique technique - without preparation, without pain and while maintaining healthy tooth tissues!

The Icon system is micro-invasive, preserving tooth tissues. This system is painless and easy to use, it consists in sealing the pores of the enamel.

If the prevention is late, and caries has passed into more serious stages - that is, a defect in the hard tissues of the tooth has become visually noticeable - in the form of a cavity, more serious dental treatment is required - the carious cavity is treated, followed by filling.

The filling materials used in our Center allow you to ideally restore teeth, recreating their natural shape and color of natural tooth enamel.

X-ray examination helps to diagnose diseases, control the treatment process.
Doctors of our Center, using an operating microscope, can look inside the root canals, eliminate errors in case of non-standard tooth structure, and achieve good results even in the most difficult cases.

Only healthy teeth can be beautiful!
Treatment of gum disease
Periodontitis is a serious disease in which the infection affects the soft tissue and bone, eventually leading to tooth loss.

Long-term periodontal disease can lead to more serious problems, including high blood sugar levels and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. This disease usually proceeds painlessly, but intensively progresses. Periodontitis can be expressed in different ways, but it all starts with bleeding gums. At this stage, the process is still reversible.
Periodontitis is a disease that can be prevented and treated...

Modern technologies used in our Center allow us to successfully treat patients using a comprehensive program for the treatment of periodontal diseases:
• Removal of dental deposits by ultrasound;
• Removal of dental plaque by the device Air-Flow (Air Flow) while not damaging the tooth enamel.
• Treatment of periodontitis with the apparatus "Vector" (Durr Dental, Germany) With the help of the apparatus complex "Vector", the periodontist performs the removal of subgingival dental deposits. The "Vector" system gently polishes the surface of the teeth during their cleaning. 2-3 days after the Vector-therapy session, our patients note a state of special comfort, lightness and a feeling of health in the oral cavity.

Surgical treatment of periodontal diseases with a laser is a novelty in our Dental Center.

With the help of thin laser light guides, stones and plaque are removed from periodontal pockets, periodontal tissue is sterilized from pathogenic bacteria. Using laser therapy, the periodontist performs the procedure painlessly and as efficiently as possible.

Regular visits to the dentist are a prerequisite for the prevention and successful treatment of periodontal disease!
Teeth whitening
Everyone knows that a beautiful smile is the key to a good mood and a successful career.

Very often there are people who are embarrassed to smile because of a cosmetic defect in their teeth. Often a cosmetic defect of the teeth is a change in their color.

The causes can be both congenital pathology: fluorosis, hypoplasia, and acquired, i.e. the appearance of "raid". This may be due to poor oral hygiene, reduced self-cleaning processes, bad habits (smoking, etc.). You can eliminate these shortcomings by professional cleaning and bleaching.

In any case, you must first consult with a dentist. Our experts will find the right solution for your problem.

One method is brushing your teeth with an Air-Flow sandblaster.
Included in the cleaning powder, sodium bicarbonate will allow you to easily and quickly remove plaque. This procedure serves as a prevention of caries and periodontal diseases.

A cosmetic effect is added to the therapeutic effect.

Whitening is an indispensable procedure for complex aesthetic treatment!

The dental center offers one of the most effective procedures - the ZOOM clinical whitening system. The activation of the whitening gel occurs under the influence of light, a certain spectrum of the ZOOM 2 lamp. Whitening lasts only an hour, during which you can whiten your teeth by 8 - 12 shades, depending on the initial state of the teeth.
Implantation is a method of implanting an artificial root (implant) into the bone tissue. Implants are used as supports on which either crowns (fully replacing lost teeth) or removable or fixed dentures are fixed. The design of the implant consists of two main parts - the implant itself, which is a titanium screw that is surgically implanted into the jaw, and an abutment, also made of titanium, that is attached to the implant after a healing period.
The purpose of implantology is not only to restore defects in the dentition, but also to restore attractiveness and health to a person. This is a fairly new, but already quite popular method of filling lost teeth.

The clinical use of implants as independent prostheses or additional supports has revealed a number of advantages over traditional dental prosthetics.

• good cosmetic effect;
• restoration of important physiological functions;
• prevention of negative consequences of missing teeth.
Installing an implant allows you to:
• restore a lost tooth without damaging healthy adjacent teeth;
• create an additional support and install a fixed prosthesis;
• create a support to improve the fixation of a removable prosthesis.

Dental implantation is carried out by several types of implants: Nobel Biocare (Germany), Alpha-Bio (Israel), Bicon (USA).

All implants, which have been successfully used for more than 10 years and show excellent results, are approved by the Dental Association of Russia.

For teeth in the “smile zone”, we can offer express implantation - an implant with a crown in one visit.

High technology for high efficiency!
For some clinical cases, the optimal solution is dental prosthetics.

Dental prosthetics in our Center is performed both using widely used materials, such as metal ceramics, and new biocompatible materials.

Take a closer look at the brake discs of the new Porche. Think about how space shuttles can withstand extreme temperatures. In pumps, cutting tools, in internal combustion engines, there is only one secret - zirconium oxide.

A new method of prosthetics is the manufacture of ceramic crowns and bridges from Zirconium oxide (ZrO2). Zirconium oxide crowns are absolutely indistinguishable from natural teeth (corresponding to the appearance and transparency), biologically compatible with the body.

In the arsenal of specialists of our center, technologies have appeared that allow for economical and aesthetic restoration of teeth with ceramics of the highest quality. This is CEREC's CAD/CAM technology, which includes CAD computer modeling and CAM automated production.

Prosthetics using CEREC is carried out in one session. A compact scanning device creates a three-dimensional computer model.

Then the dentist selects a workpiece of a suitable color and size, places it in a milling machine connected to the computer, after which this machine cuts out the prosthesis with a pair of diamond cutters. After 15-20 minutes, the prosthesis is ready and you can start fitting and fixing it.


• Computer modeling allows you to create a perfectly accurate design that is securely fixed on the prepared tooth.
• You save your precious time. Reconstruction of the tooth takes place in one visit (it takes only one hour).
• A short period of time from the beginning of the preparation of the tooth to the installation of the structure maximally preserves the integrity of the dentin and tooth enamel, protects them from secondary caries.

For your dazzling smile in our center there is such a type of service as porcelain veneers - facing the front surface of the teeth. Veneers are used to improve the appearance of teeth that are partially discolored, worn, chipped, or misaligned.

Using CEREC technology, we have taken a big step into the future!

Take your step towards a smile and a good mood!
Children's dentistry
Almost every child on the first visit to the dentist is afraid of him. In our Dental Center, a dentist tries to find an approach to every child, even those who have had a negative experience of visiting doctors.

But still, it is necessary to prepare the child for visiting a pediatric dentist.

It would be right to play children's dentistry, for this you can buy a toy set and “treat” first a teddy bear, then each other.
Try to protect the child from unnecessary information for him about how scary it was to treat teeth before.

Do not talk about your upcoming treatment or your experience in any negative way in front of your child.

Do not try to convince the child that it "does not hurt, it is not scary", otherwise your child will suspect something is wrong.
Present a visit to pediatric dentistry as something ordinary, it is important that you do not worry yourself.

It is best if the child comes to the dentist for the first time before he has experienced toothache. The pediatric dentist, for his part, will do everything possible so that the stay of the young patient in the VladMiVa Dental Center leaves only the best memories.


  • Examination of the condition of the oral cavity and teeth in children from 1 year old
  • Prevention of caries, hygienic cleaning of teeth
  • Deep fluoridation of teeth
  • Treatment of caries without a drill
  • Treatment of stomatitis
  • Installation of colored fillings (turning treatment into a game)
  • Painless removal of milk teeth
  • Plastic surgery of the frenulum of the tongue, upper and lower lips with a laser (no blood, no incision)
  • Development of individual treatment and prevention programs
  • Bite correction
Correction of bite
It's never too late to correct an overbite. If you have an overbite, then you know very well how ugly and uncomfortable it is.

The following braces are used to correct an overbite:
  • external (vestibular)
  • internal (lingual)
Braces are made using: metal, plastic, ceramics, sapphires, polymers, gold-plated. The most effective is the use of lingual (internal) braces. Locks are attached to the surface of the teeth facing the tongue and are absolutely invisible to others. The lingual bracket system is the latest achievement in the field of bite correction. Each element of the bracket system is made individually according to the model of the patient's teeth. The location of the system on the inner surface of the teeth (the system is hidden from prying eyes), comfortable wearing, easy hygienic care of the oral cavity and a number of other advantages make braces extremely popular among patients.

It became possible to become the owner of a beautiful smile without the use of metal braces.

Moving the teeth into the correct position occurs smoothly with the help of a series of transparent overlays (cusps) prepared for the patient by a dentist from a transparent polymer material.

During the first visit to the doctor, photographs of the jaw and teeth are taken and the optimal position of the teeth is determined. The dental images are loaded into a computer program that takes a 3D image of the jaw, then shows the optimal position of the teeth and calculates the number of trays needed to achieve the desired tooth displacement.
Mouthguards fit perfectly to your teeth and are comfortable to wear. They are easy to remove so you can still enjoy your food and keep your mouth clean as you normally would. Easy handling and maximum wearing comfort will help you achieve the desired result painlessly.

The mechanism of treatment by the system is very simple:
  1.  Put on a mouthguard and fix it;
  2.  Change mouth guard once every two weeks;
  3.  Complete the treatment process after correcting the bite.

If you think that your smile does not look attractive due to malocclusion, do not put off going to the orthodontist.
The use of platelet autoplasma is the key to managing regeneration. The essence of the method is the ability to increase the volume of platelets in tissues by increasing the volume of injected plasma.

The pathophysiological process of the action of platelet autoplasma can be represented as follows: due to the loss of contact of the platelet with the endothelium during tissue injury, it leaves the bloodstream and changes its shape, in turn releases alpha granules that release growth factor into the wound.

Plasma injection is an injection of protein, minerals, vitamins topically.

Platelet Functions:
  • reconstruction of blood vessels
  • participation in the clotting process
  • have growth factors in any tissues
In case of injury, bioactive substances are released and the vessels are repaired; platelets contain ATP, ADP, and serotonin granules. Principle of action: antigen-antibody, where the platelet is attached, restores that tissue.

The issues of tissue regeneration are extremely relevant for dentists. This is due to the widespread prevalence of periodontal diseases, the active introduction of implantation, the high demands of patients for guaranteed treatment after surgical treatment, in addition to the constant desire of patients to have a beautiful smile at any age, to enjoy eating.
The requirement for the treatment of periodontal diseases is not just the removal of inflammation, but also the prevention of further loss of bone tissue, the restoration of the color, shape and structure of the gum tissue for a longer period, the stimulation of regeneration processes and, thereby, the reduction in the frequency of exacerbations.
Periodontitis is chronic sepsis. Virtually all chronic infection from the mouth and teeth. To date, preparations for the treatment of periodontal diseases include the use of general and local medicines. Antibacterial drugs, removing only inflammation, do not start the regeneration process. All osteostimulating drugs are expensive, require long-term use, and hence control from the kidneys and gallbladder.

And the plasma lifting technique makes it possible to stimulate the processes of autoregeneration in the necessary areas and tissues.

It is used:

  • to improve prognosis in periodontal treatment
  • gingivitis
  • periodontitis
  • all forms of periodontitis
  • treatment of mucosal diseases: cpl, stomatitis, cheilitis, hypertrophic gingivitis.
  • treatment of reimplantitis
  • stimulation of engraftment of the implant
  • reduction of terms of rehabilitation after surgical operations
  • treatment of dental sinusitis
Good results have been obtained in orthopedics, neurology, in the treatment of burns, injuries, and pain.

The method is safe!

  • systemic blood diseases
  • Allergy to heparin
  • malignant neoplasms
  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Pregnancy
The material was prepared by a periodontist
OOO SC VladMiVa Klimenko N.V.

Plasmolifting™ Certificate - S5964

In the Dental Centers "VladMiVa" you can undergo the Plasmolifting procedure with certified specialists:
  • Chuev Valentin Vladimirovich certificate S4559
  • Klimenko Natalia Valentinovna certificate S5964
Painless tooth extraction
TOOTH REMOVAL is a surgical intervention that should be performed only as a last resort, when other methods of saving the tooth are not possible, or this tooth may cause other, more serious complications. In our Center, operations are performed to remove periradicular foci of infection while preserving the tooth, and to remove neoplasms.

The surgical room in which operations are performed is equipped according to international standards of sterility. Anesthesia is selected taking into account the individual contraindications of the patient. After tooth extraction, the doctor gives recommendations on the use of medications that will make healing quick and painless.

Organization Events

23 March 2022
Video message from the head physician of the SC "VLADMIVA"
"Don't be discouraged, everything will be fine." The head physician of the SC "VLADMIVA" - about the new economic realities in dentistry. The introduction of economic sanctions has created conditions for Russian dentists when the usual imported materials become more expensive and unaffordable. Many people think that this jeopardizes clinical practice and deprives doctors of the ability to provide quality dental care.
However, domestic manufacturers have long been engaged in the development of analogues that are in no way inferior to imported materials. 30 years of experience in development, production and sales allowed "VLADMIVE" to adequately accept the macroeconomic challenges of our time.
Today we are able to fully provide the country's dental industry with high-quality and reliable materials and instruments that allow us to solve any clinical problem. Details are in the video message of the head physician of the VLADMIV Dental Center, Candidate of Medical Sciences Valentin Chuev.
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30 March 2022
Valentin Chuev supported the appeal of StAR and ROSI
The head physician of the dental center "VLADMIVA" Valentin Chuev supported the appeal of the President of the Dental Association of Russia, MD. Andrey Yaremenko and President of the Association of Trade and Industrial Enterprises of Dentistry RosSI Javid Agayev to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin. In this appeal, they proposed to the government a number of measures that will help stabilize the current state of the market for dental materials and instruments, as well as the market for dental services.
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31 March 2022
VLADMIVA - for endodontics: video review of materials and analogues
One of the most important areas of therapeutic dentistry is endodontics. The task of “saving” a tooth by processing and filling root canals is solved daily by thousands of dentists. In many ways, this direction depends on imported materials that are involved in all endodontic tasks.
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