23 March 2022

Video message from the head physician of the SC "VLADMIVA"

"Don't be discouraged, everything will be fine." The head physician of the SC "VLADMIVA" - about the new economic realities in dentistry. The introduction of economic sanctions has created conditions for Russian dentists when the usual imported materials become more expensive and unaffordable. Many people think that this jeopardizes clinical practice and deprives doctors of the ability to provide quality dental care.
However, domestic manufacturers have long been engaged in the development of analogues that are in no way inferior to imported materials. 30 years of experience in development, production and sales allowed "VLADMIVE" to adequately accept the macroeconomic challenges of our time.
Today we are able to fully provide the country's dental industry with high-quality and reliable materials and instruments that allow us to solve any clinical problem. Details are in the video message of the head physician of the VLADMIV Dental Center, Candidate of Medical Sciences Valentin Chuev.

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