31 March 2022

VLADMIVA - for endodontics: video review of materials and analogues

One of the most important areas of therapeutic dentistry is endodontics. The task of “saving” a tooth by processing and filling root canals is solved daily by thousands of dentists. In many ways, this direction depends on imported materials that are involved in all endodontic tasks.

Many people think that the new economic realities threaten endodontic practice, but the domestic manufacturer has something to offer in return for imported materials. VLADMIVA produces a wide range of materials that can solve any problem in the endodontic spectrum.

Apexdent is a paste material for filling root canals after depulpation and treatment of infected tooth canals in chronic periodontitis with resorption of granulomas; for apexification with periodontitis, with an unformed apex, with root perforations, as well as bone resorption. Among the analogues are Vitapex manufactured by Nippon Shika Yakohin (Japan), as well as Metapex and Metapaste manufactured by Meta Biomed (South Korea).

Endogel No. 1 and No. 2 are gels for chemical-mechanical expansion, cleaning, shaping and antiseptic treatment of difficult and branched root canals of teeth. Among the analogues are RC-Prep manufactured by Premier (USA) and EDTA 17% gel manufactured by PD (Switzerland), as well as Canal-plus manufactured by Septodont (France).

Belodez: 3% solution - for medical treatment of root canals as a bactericidal, hemostatic and whitening agent, for chemical expansion of channels in combination with EDTA solutions, as well as for disinfection of the tooth cavity, 5-10% solution - for treatment of channels with diathermocoagulation of the pulp or coagulation of the pulp with strong medications, as well as for the disinfection of gutta-percha and metal pins, orthopedic and orthodontic structures and products before their installation in the oral cavity. Among the analogues is Parcan manufactured by Septodont (France).

EndoGy No. 2 - to identify the mouth of the channels and their expansion. Among the analogues are Largal Ultra by Septodont (France) and Edetat, Solution by Pierre Rolland (France).

Endozhi No. 3 - for antiseptic treatment of canals.

Viedent - for filling the root canals of teeth in the treatment of pulpitis or apical periodontitis using gutta-percha pins.

Calcecept - for the treatment and treatment of infected dentin and root canals of teeth.

Tiedent - for filling the root canals of teeth in the treatment of all forms of periodontitis, especially in the acute stage, gangrenous pulpitis, as well as in the presence of changes in the bone of the tooth root. It is used as a sealer when filling canals using gutta-percha pins. Among the analogues are Endomethasone and Endomet Plain manufactured by Septodont (France), as well as EndoFill manufactured by PD (Switzerland).

Trioxident (including fast-hardening) - for retrograde filling, for filling the upper apical part of the canal with incomplete root formation, for closing root canal perforations, and also as a therapeutic and insulating pulp coating. Among the analogues are ProRoot, MTA by Dentsply (USA) and PD MTA White by PD (Switzerland), as well as Biodentine by Septodont (France).

Endasept - for temporary filling of infected canals in the treatment of gangrenous pulpitis and chronic forms of periodontitis, as well as in acute periodontitis with necrotic pulp. It is used in cases of unsuccessful treatment with non-specific antiseptics or pastes based on antibiotics and corticosteroids. Among the analogues is Grinazole manufactured by Septodont (France).

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