27 October 2022

Interview with the commercial director of the VLADMIV group of companies Sergey Krivoshapov

The Vladmiva Journal team interviewed Sergey Krivoshapov, Commercial Director of the VLADMIV Group of Companies, about the situation on the market, new players and foreign economic activity during the crisis.

— What is the current mood in the Russian market of dental materials?

— Not so long ago, one of the largest dental events in the country, Dental Expo, took place. September has always had the maximum number of exhibitors and visitors. Based on the results of the exhibition, it can be seen that the attitude and perception of what is happening due to external factors is somewhat alarming. This was reflected both in the number of exhibitors and in the number of visitors.
For us, the exhibition was shocking. To put it mildly, we were not bored. The results are positive. In April, there was more excitement at Dental Salon, but the state of the market was different. Both trading organizations and dentist clients tried to saturate their warehouses for the future. Now the situation remains, but the tactics, apparently, have changed. Logistic chains have not fully recovered. The shortage of some products persists.

— What materials were the most popular at the exhibition?

— Diamond burs traditionally. Composites. Silicones. Surgical materials and novelties: "Compofixes" and "Compocems"

— In your opinion, many companies have left Russia?

— First of all, companies from the European Union. There are official statements, but they declare more that there will be interruptions and delays in deliveries. Parallel import has not been canceled. Yes, there are sanctions, there are problems with logistics, payment for products. In fact, logistics is lengthening, becoming more expensive, it is leveled due to the exchange rate, because the ruble exchange rate is still strong - and this compensates. It's just that now our importers need to reorganize a bit. Although they have already changed. Deliveries are coming.


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