«Anhydrin» liquid is used for defating and dehydrating tooth hard tissues before filling or fixing prostheses. It is also used for cleaning prosthesis surface before fixing.

Anhydrin» liquid contains biocompatible agent which seals and protects dentine canals due to formation of thin monomolecular barrier. When treated with “Anhydrin” liquid, tooth stump sensitivity and painfulness are minimal.
The liquid contains no diethyl ether and ethanol, it features no harmful effect on soft tissues and no pain when contacting mucosa. The liquid is easily used and demands no air flow.
«Anhydrin» liquid is widely used in dentistry (including pediatric one).
The liquid degreases and dehydrates tooth and prosthesis surfaces before fixation providing good adhesion of cement.

Code  00000006 Liquid - 20 ml / 100 ml

Vendor code: 00000006

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