The gel on organic base is used for etching dentine and enamel before filling carious cavities. 

The gel on organic base for etching tooth hard tissues is based on 32% orthophosphoric acid, it contains antibacterial agent (benzalconiumchloride) and dye. The gel base comprises organic water-soluble gel-adjuster. 
The gel, thickened with organic polymer, features optimal consistency, necessary flowability. The gel can be easily washed with water. 
The material provides higher adhesion of filling material to tooth tissues. 
The contained bactericidal agent reduces tooth sensitivity and features bactericidal effect.
In 15-30 sec. the etched enamel becomes rough. That provides material bonding to tooth tissues. 
When treating dentine, the smeared layer is removed providing better adhesion of the material to dentine.
Code 00010854 Gel - 3 ml 
Code 00000024 Gel - 10 ml

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