DENTAL BURS with diamond heads «ROSBEL»

The main working characteristic of bur is its granularity. Dental diamond burs are produced of 6 types depending on the size of the diamond grains. Each type corresponds to a special numeral and color codes which are marked on the tool or on the packing. Coding conforms to generally accepted international standards
Are intended for processing of hard tooth tissues and other materials used in den tistry, while working with different dental tips in clinical conditions.
Burs with diamond heads «RosBel» are used for all kinds of dental work: preparation, correction, turning, leveling, cosmetic finishes, etc. Burs are used in a variety of materials: enamel, dentine, jaw bone, amalgam, ceramics, porcelain, cement, metal alloys, composite materials, and precious metals.
The base and material for the shank production is stainless steel with nickel protective and decorative coating that provide
the necessary corrosion resistance of the product. Additional spraying of titanium nitride or double nitride titanium aluminum improves the technical characteristics of burs and increases tool life. Diamond layer of heads is composed of diamond powder and metal binder of galvanic nickel.
Burs with diamond heads «RosBel» are produced of different forms and sizes of shank and working part and granularity of diamond powder. According to shank construction burs are classify to types:
  • for fixing in angle tips;
  • for fixing in straight tips;
  • for fixing in turbine tips.

Production novelties