Set «Armodent» is intended for removal and strengthening of crown of the tooth by intracanal glassfiber pins after endodontic treatment (at the small overgingival defect of one of walls of tooth) and before prosthesis. It is recommended to apply at once after removal of tooth pulp.
The glassfiber pins «Armodent» is made from the wattled glass fibres of linked methacrylate olygomer BIS-GMA and increased by pyrogenic dioxide of silicon. Glassfiber pins allow to create a stand for restoration construction. Chemical affinity of olygomer matrix of pins to composite materials is instrumental in the increase of adhesion and provides monolithic nature of restoration. 
The pins possesses the following descriptions: 
  • the module of elasticity of pin is near to the module of elasticity of tooth (dentine);
  • a fiberglass provides the redistribution of the mechanical loadings, that reduces the risk of dissidence of tooth;
  • transparency of pin allows to apply light curing materials or materials of double curing for his fixing; 
  • ransparency of pin allows to mask not him, at aesthetic removal of tooth. 
The presence of pins of different sizes and types: 
  • cylinder-conic (Ø1,0; 1,2; 1,4 mm);
  • cylindrical Ø1,8 mm;
  • plane plates (2,0 x 1,0 mm; 2,4 x 1,0 mm; 4,0 x 1,0 mm). 
One-component adhesive “DentLight” and fixing composite cement of double curing “Compofix” provide the durable coupling and reliable regional adjoining based on chemical adhesion during restoration of anatomic form of tooth.  

Code 00008910  Glassfiber pin (Ø=1,0 mm)  6 pc
Code 00008911 Glassfiber pin (Ø=1,2 mm)  6 pc
Code 00008912 Glassfiber pin (Ø=1,4 mm)  6 pc
Code 00008909 Composite cement for fixing “Compofix” 2 pc 3,5 g each
One-component adhesive “DentLight”  5,0 ml
Etching gel for enamel and dentine on organic basis 3,0 ml
Glassfiber pins and glassfiber balks are produced separately.

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