Dental set  «Calcesept»  is used for: 
  • processing of infected root canals in permanent teeth; 
  • treatment of difficult and problem canals; 
  • indirect pulp isolation for deep cavities; 
  • direct protective coating of pulp with calcium hydroxide, as well as medical calcium laying in deep cavities; 
  • canal treatment of milk teeth and teeth with unformed roots;
  • filling of root canals by restoration at the perforations and cracks; 
  • treatment of pulpitis by the biological method of teeth with  saving of root pulp; 
  • filling of canals by granulating and granulomatous periodontitis to disinfect of canals, keeping constantly high alkaline media and to restoration in pere-apical tissues of normal bone structure instead of pathologic tissues (granuloma or granulation); 
  • treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis (as a strong bactericidal properties); 
  • step-by-step and multiple processing in cases of high activity of microbial flora for full making of sterile media in dentine.
Dental set  «Calcesept»  is a highly dispersed sterile dough-suspensions: 
  • suspension № 1, contains in isotonic solution calcium hydroxide (41%), radiopaque component - barium sulfate (at least 8%); 
  • suspension № 2, contains in isotonic solution calcium hydroxide (41%), barium sulfate (at least 8%) and addition with copper ions, bactericidal addition against all kinds of microorganisms.
Suspensions are made by special technology for highly dispersed stabilized systems. High alkalinity suspensions (pH 12.4) provide sterility in the contact area and stimulates bone formation. Bacterial action of highly dispersed calcium hydroxide (suspension № 1) is due to alkaline proteolysis and microorganism saponification. Calcium hydroxide stimulates the formation of mineralized tissues by root teeth fracture and applies on purpose of consolidation peaces or incapsulation and bone structure reconstruction in the trauma area by strong stimulation of osteoblastic process and by closing of perforations in crown part of teeth, in the area of bifurcation and trifurcation and on either level of root canal. By filling canals with dough is full filling of root end by the stimulation of cementoblast layer. This process finally is finished within 8-12 months. By deep caries (when pulp is too closely and there are much infected soft dentine) application with sterile calcium hydroxide at 6-8 weeks direct to infected dentine leads to protection dentinal layer in response to irritator (calcium hydroxide) by pulp side. 
Antibacterial action of copper ions (suspension № 2) is much higher than the effect of calcium hydroxide (suspension № 1). Copper ions are capable of combining with sulfur amino acids from protein breakdown and formation of difficulty soluble copper sulfide, affect the oxygen transfer process of anaerobic micro-organisms. By that the freely soluble compound (copper sulfate) is formed, dissociating with the formation of copper ions, can destroy the aerobic and an-aerobic organisms by extracting from them the sulfur. The resulting difficulty soluble copper sulfide continuously is regenerated to the active substance (copper sulfate
Code 00021077 Suspension  №1 - 2,5  ml; Suspension  №2 - 2,5  ml

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