Gel «EndAsept» is used for temporary infilling the infected canals at treatment of gangrenous pulpitis and chronic forms of a periodontitis, and also at a sharp periodontitis with necrotizing pulp.
Gel «EndAsept» is applied in cases of unsuccessful treatment by nonspecific antiseptics or pastes on the basis of antibiotics and of corticosteroids. 
Gel «EndAsept» contains antiseptics: metronidazole (10 %), bigluconate of chlorhexidine (2 %), - actively overwhelming anaerobic flora of root canals.
Metronidazole possesses a wide spectrum of action concerning the elementary, obligate anaerobic bacteria (spore - and non-sporeformative), is active concerning bacteroides, phuso-bacteria, clostridia. The mechanism antimicrobial actions consists in connection nitrogroup metronidazole with microbic DNA and the termination in this connection synthesis of nucleinic acids. In the mixed anaerobic-aerobic environment metronidazole has overwhelming effect on aerobic bacteria as a result of decomposition of metronidazole bacteroides appear metabolites, overwhelming growth of aerobic bacteria. 
Bigluconate of chlorhexidine is one of the most active local antiseptic, and has fast and strong bactericidal effect on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The mechanism of action of bigluconate of chlorhexidine is connected with its surface-active properties —there is an infringement of permeability cytoplasmic membranes of microbes. 
Owing to hydrophil basis gel is easily entered into canals, deeply impregnating dentinal canaliculus, and washed well away from canals by water. 

Code 00010046 Gel - 10 g

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