«Iodent» dental iodoform dough is produced as:
  • non-hardening dough for provisional filling when treating infected canals;
  • hardening nonabsorbable dough for permanent filling tooth canals. 

Non-hardening dough is used as treating and prophylactic material in case of acute or chronic periodontitis. It is also used in case of secondary infectioning after filling as well as for provisional filling infected canals when treating  pulpitis, granulomatous and granulating periodontitis. 
Hardening dough  is used for filling in case of pulpitis, acute or chronic periodontites, as well as for filling canals of milk-teeth.

«Iodent» doughs feature long disinfecting and bactericidal effect and contain:
  • chlorophenol, i.e. antiseptic of phenol range;
  • camphor, softening phenol effect on organism;
  • iodoform featuring long bactericidal effect in canal;
  • dough-adjuster of hydrophobic type;
  • filler, providing formation of bone osteoblasts in apex area and featuring radiopacity. Structuring of «Iodent» hardening dough takes  place in the canal during 72 hours due to canal moisture.
«Iodent» non-hardening dough provides multiple treatment. As the result of this, the application of the dough minimizes any unpleasant complications and painful reaction after filling. The dough resolves in soft tissues. 

Code 00001383 Hardening dough -  25 g
Code 00000032 Non-hardening - 25 g

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