«Tiedent» dental material is used for filling root canals when treating gangrenous pulpitis and different forms of periodontitis, especially acute one.
The material is also used as sealer when filling canals using guttapercha points. 
«Tiedent» zincoxide-eugenol dental material features high biocompatibility, bactericidal and antiseptic effect. The plastic dough is obtained by mixing powder and liquid. The material keeps its plasticity for 5-7 hours. Hardening time in the canal is 48-72 hours. Long working time provides successful handling and necessary correction. The material features also 0,5% solubility in the canal.
«Tiedent» dental material contains: 
  • zinc oxide;
  • thymol iodide —i.e. antiseptic; 
  • hydrocortisone acetate (1% content) providing strong anti-inflammatory effect and reducing periapical pain; 
  • dexamethasone (0,01%) containing fluorine and featuring anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect; 
  • eugenol; 
  • plasticizer;
  • radiopaque filler. 
When filling with guttapercha points, «Tiedent» material seals side parts of canal and provides points adhesion to each other and to canal walls. 
Code 00000123 Powder - 14 g; Liquid - 10 ml

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