«Trioxident» dental material is used for retrograde filling, for filling upper apex part of canal, for sealing perforations of root canal, for pulp isolation. 
Main components of «Trioxident» material are calcium, silicon and aluminum oxides. Standard powder to distilled water ratio is 3:1. Obtained dough keeps its plasticity for 10-15 minutes at temperature 18-23oC and 50±10% humidity due to plasticizer introduced into powder. 
The material begins to hard during 4 hours.
Total hardening time in root canal is 24 hours.
The material comprises copper-calcium hydroxide, i.e. active bacteriostatic additive.
Material hardening process comprises 3 stages: first, calcium oxide contacts with water. As a result, calcium hydroxide is obtained providing high ph level (12,8). Then calcium exudes from solution in amorphous state covering particles of radiopaque filler (bismuth oxide) and uniting all the components into bonded mass. Calcium hydroxide particles compress then calcium silicate obtained increasing mechanical strength of the cement.
Calcium hydroxide stimulates processes of apexigenesis and osteogenesis in case of treating teeth with non-formed roots, it prevents resorption of bone tissue and stimulates dentinal bridge formation in case of pulp covering. 
«Trioxident» material features good bactericidal effect, high biocompatibility, low solubility, high mechanical strength. The material provides good sealing of root canals.
By means of set of instruments with various form cannulas and plastic nozzles (applicators) it is possible to dosed easily without special efforts to deliver a material in remote sites of the root canal. Universality of instruments allows dentists to use them at work with other materials for filling of canals or for imposing medical and isolating linings. The paste received at mixing, set into the applicator by several pecking movements. The applicator is placed in the canal on necessary depth and squeeze out a portion of a material pressing on the internal piston. 
Code 00008627 Powder - 0,3 g  х 10 pc
Сode 00005128 Powder - 0,5 g  х 10 pc 

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