• for fixing inserts, different types of crowns, small dental bridges;
  • for provisional filling;
  • as pads, which are to be covered with permanent fillings made of amalgam and composites.
«Belocor» zincpolicarboxylate cement is obtained by mixing powder and liquid. The powder is modified zinc oxide, the liquid is water solution of poliacrylic acid. 
The peculiarity of «Belocor» material is its adhesive quality and lower solubility, which makes it different from the zinc-phosphate cements. The material feature good adhesion to gold alloys, porcelain and cermet, it does not irritate the tooth pulp. Complexes of poliacrylic acid and tooth tissue proteins as well as high molecular weight of the acid provide lower diffusion in tissues and dentine canals. «Belocor» zincpolicarboxylate cement causes no pain, which is likely to appear at fixing crowns and bridge prostheses. 

Code 00012580 Powder - 80 g; Liquid - 2 pc each 20 g 

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