• restoration of carious cavities (I, II classes of Black);
  • restoration of milk tooth (all classes of cavities);
  • filling of V class cavities (when esthetic requirements  
  • doesn’t been as priority);
  • treatment of non-carious affection of tooth hard tissues (wedge shaped defects, enamel erosion);
  • as isolating pad under permanent filling made of composites and amalgams.
«Cemilight» glass-polyalcenate light-cured cement is produced as powder-liquid set. The cement features high adhesion to tooth tissues as well as to polymeric materials, fluorine release and solidity. 
It meets the requirements of GOST R 51744-2001.
«Cemilight» powder is fine silicate fluoaluminic glass with radiopaque fillers. It has 4 shades, i.e. A2, A3, B2 and C2 according to VITA scale. «Cemilight» liquid is composition comprising water solution of polyacrylic acid, oligomers and initiators of light polymerization.
The chemical reaction fluoroaluminium glass with polyacrilic axid provides building cement structure that promotes influence fluorine ions that effective prevents development of second caries.
It is not recommended to use  «Cemilight» for direct covering of pulp. 
When pulp covering is needed and dentine thickness is less than 1mm, a treating pad based on calcium hydroxide should be used (i.e.«Calcesil»).
Code 00002147 Powder -(А2) 20 g; (А3, В2, С2) 10 g х 3; Liquid - 10 ml х 2; Conditioner - 15 ml; Varnish - «Aksil-LC»  7 ml
Code 00002624 Powder - (А2) 20 g; Liquid - 10 m;  Conditioner - 10 ml; Varnish - «Aksil-LC» 5 ml
Code 00002146 Powder - (А3) 20 g; Liquid - 10 m;  Conditioner - 10 ml; Varnish - «Aksil-LC» 5 ml
Сode 00002625 Powder - (В2) 20 g; Liquid - 10 m;  Conditioner - 10 ml; Varnish - «Aksil-LC» 5 ml  

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