is used for atraumatic restorative treatment of tooth caries (ART-method) by means of handle treating carious cavity and minimal using drill machine. ART-method is used in dentistry including pediatric one
  • for filling milk teeth (all cavities);
  • for filling cavities of the 1st and the 2nd classes;
  • for filling cavities of the 5th class;
  • for sealing of fissures;
  • for lining when filling with composites and amalgams;
  • for modeling tooth stump to be crowned.
«Cemion-ART» powder is fine fluoroaluminum silicate glass containing modifying agents. «Cemion-ART» liquid is water solution of polyacrylic acid. After mixing powder and liquid, quick-hardening filling material is obtained.
The material features high compression strength, low solubility, high stability to acidic erosion, good chemical adhesion to enamel and dentine, long anti-carious effect due to fluorine ions leakage.
Code 00003525 Powder - ( А2, А3, В2, С2) 20 g; Liquid - 10 ml; Conditioner - 10 ml; Varnish - 10 ml

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