Is used for filling (removing) carious cavities of the 2nd, 3d, 4th and 5th classes.
«Compocem» is a composite on organic bonding base (bis-GMA, TEG-DMA) and modified fine inorganic filler base.
«Compocem»set powder-liquid contains powders of 4 colours i.e. A2, A3, B2 and C2 according to VITA scale.
«Compocem» material is produced as set powder-liquid and dough-dough. The material has features (meet the requirements  of GOST R  51202-08):
high mechanical strength (bending strength: 110MPa; compression strength: 300MPa), 
high diametrical strength (45MPa),
stability, low solubility in oral cavity (no more than 3 mkg/mm3),
wearing stability.

Code 00013443  «Powder-liquid» Powder - (А2) 40 g;(А3, В2, С2) 10 g х 3; Liquid  - 26 g; Gel for enamel etching - 7 g х 2
Сode 00003521  «Dough-dough» (one of color А2, А3, В2); Basic dough - 5 g;  Catalyst - 5 g; Gel for enamel etching - 5 ml; 
Adhesive (liquid №1) 5 ml; Adhesive (liquid №2) - 5 ml
Code 00013530  «Dough-dough» - 3-colors Basic dough (А2, А3, В2) - 5  g х 3;  Catalyst - 5  g х 3; 
Gel for enamel etching - 5 ml; Adhesive (liquid №1) - 5 ml; Adhesive (liquid №2)

Production novelties