«DentLight»-flow liquid light-cured composite is used for:
  • as lining by composite filling;
  • filling cavities of the 5th class;
  • restoration of small defects of enamel;
  • sealing of fissures;
  • splinting of mobile tooth with reinforced glass fiber;
  • preparation of small defects of ceramic and   
  • composite veneers;
  • esthetic correction of composite restoration.
«DentLight»-flow liquid composite material is light-cured dough of low viscosity (different shades according to VITA scale
A2, A3, A3.5, B2, C2, half-transparent/cutting edge). The dough is based on polymer bonding agent and modified fine filler. 
The composite features good flowability providing its even application to cavity walls.
The composite «DentLight»-flow is compatible to all light-cured composites and compomers and can be used in combination with above mentioned materials. 
Using of enclosed needles for direct application allows to fill the material direct into prepare cavity.

Сode 00008904 Dough - ( A2) 2 g
Сode 00009299 Dough - ( A3) 2 g
Сode 00009300 Dough - ( A3,5) 2 g
Сode 00010059 Dough - ( В2) 2 g
Сode 00010060 Dough - ( С2) 2 g

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