«Unicem» zinc-phosphate 3-coloured cement is used for fixing inserts, pinned teeth, plastic, metal, porcelain, cermet crowns and bridge prostheses as well as for filling teeth to be crowned. It is also used as isolating pad when filling with amalgams, silicate and silicophosphate cements.
«Unicem bactericidal» is used in pediatric dentistry for filling milk teeth.
Unicem» material is zinc-phosphate dental cement featuring high mechanical strength and chemical stability. Compressive strength is equal to 90MPa (when fixing, powder to liquid ratio is 1,5:1), 121MPa (when filling, powder to liquid ratio is 2:1). The cement is obtained by mixing powder containing zincoxide and modifying agents with liquid represented by orthophosphoric acid of low activity. Film thickness for filling is no more than 25 mkm. 
Code 00001456 Powder  white zincphosphate  -100 g;    Liquid  - 60 g
Code 00002331 Powder  gold-yellow zincphosphate  -100 g;  Liquid  - 60 g
Code 00002332 Powder  light -yellow -100 g;     Liquid  - 60 g
Code 00000388 Powder  white zincphosphate  -50 g;  Liquid  - 30 g
Code 00002333 Powder  gold-yellow - 50 g;     Liquid  - 30 g
Code 00002334 Powder  light -yellow - 50 g;       Liquid  - 30 g
Code 00006633 Powder  baktericidal with dioxidin - 50 g;  Liquid  - 30 g
Code 00000133 Powder  baktericidal with silver- 50 g;     Liquid  - 30 g

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