• over- and in-crown fixation of movable teeth;
  • tooth retention to consolidate orthodontic treatment;
  • tooth fixation in case of dislocation;
  • correction of teeth row defects;
  • preparation of adhesive prostheses and fixing dentures (laboratory method)
  • restoration of tooth crown part.
«Armosplint» set comprises glass-fibre, liquid for fibre wetting, liquid composite and adhesive system.
«Armosplint» glass fibre features good flexibility and bonding to uneven tooth surface, high compatibility to any liquid composite material, ability to be polished when not covered with composite, water-proof structure, transparency and hypoallergenicity. The fibre can be stored and handled as usual. It is measured by means of explorer or soft foil and is easily cut with scissors. The fibre should be moistened with special liquid providing good bonding of glass-fibre and composite. 
«Armosplint» liquid composite is light-cured dough of low viscosity (A2 shade according to VITA scale). The dough is based on polymer bonding agent and modified fine filler. The composite features good flowability providing its even application to cavity walls. The composite is compatible to all light-cured composites and compomers and can be used in combination with above mentioned materials. The composite should be applied after tooth treatment with adhesive. 
«Armosplint» adhesive system comprises primer and adhesive providing good bonding of composite and tooth tissues. Primer moistens dentine surface penetrating into dentine canals due to polifunctional hydrophilic oligomers. Adhesive contains hydrophilic molecules, polymerizing resins providing chemical bond with composite. 

The advantages of «Armosplint» set usage are:
  • quick and easy technique;
  • sparing preparation of tooth hard tissues;
  • aesthetic view of construction (natural tooth tissue color) due to glass-fibre transparency;
  • formation of stable adhesive construction due to micromechanical retention and chemical adhesion of fibre to composite material;
  • restoration and preparation of the construction at one procedure
Сode  00005414 Glass fibre: Strip (125,0 х 2,0 х 0,25 mm) - 1 pc; 
Strip (125,0 x 3,0 x 0,25 mm) -1 pc; 
Cord (65,0 х 1,5 mm) - 1 pc; Liquid for wetting - 5,0 ml; Primer - 5,0 ml;
Adhesive - 5,0 ml; Liquid composite - 2,0 g; 
Etching gel on organic base -1,0 m.
Сode  00005771 Cord (65,0 х 1,5 mm)    - 1 pc
Code  00005769  Strip (125,0 х 2,0 х 0,25 mm) - 1 pc
Code  00005770  Strip (125,0 x 3,0 x 0,25 mm) - 1 pc
Glass fibre «Armosplint» and liquid composite are produced separately.

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