To improve the quality of orthopedic treatment of patients when using removal dentures, to increase the time of enjoying the crowns and bridge prostheses, a system of «ORTHOFIX-AQUA» dental cements has been developed including: 
  • glass-ionomeric water-plasticizable cement (S);
  • polycarboxylate water-plasticizable cement (P); 
  • calciferous water-plasticizable cement for a provisional fixation (C).
«Orthofix-Aqua» glassionomer cement is used for permanent fixation of crowns, inlays, pins and dental bridges; fixation of orthopedic and orthodontic dentures. 
«Orthofix-Aqua» GLASS IONOMER cement is a mechanical mixture of alumofluorosilicate glass and dry polyacryl acid. Powder is easily mixed with water until necessary consistency is obtained. Glassionomer reaction starts immediately after mixing.
The material features good adhesion to enamel and dentine, low solubility, high mechanical strength; it prevents secondary caries due to fluorine ions leakage.  
«Orthofix-Aqua» POLYCARBOXYLATE  cement is a mechanical mixture of modified zinc oxide and dry polyacrylic acid.
«Orthofix-Aqua» polycarboxylate cement features good adhesion to dentine, enamel and dental materials, it also features low solubility and shrinkage, high stability.  
«Orthofix-Aqua» polycarboxylate cement is easily mixed with water until necessary consistency is obtained. The material causes no pain when fixing crowns and bridge dentures. 
«Orthofix-Aqua» CALCIUM CONTAINING  cement is obtained by mixing calcium-containing powder with distilled water. 
The material for provisional fixation facilitates easier usage of new orthodontic dentures in oral cavity. The material features aesthetic effect in case of provisional fixation of crowns.
Adhesion features facilitate painless removal of provisional crowns. 
Code  00000088 / 00000089 / 00000087 Powder  - 30 g

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