PARODONTAL GEL for gum «Pectafix» is intended for treatment of inflammatory processes and damage to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, including those arising in the process of addiction and wearing removable dentures.
Gel for gum «Pectafix» is purified extract of the seeds of corn, vitamins A and E, essential oils. Natural plant components gel create the affected plot gums or mucosal protective film, which is held on the wet surface. This prevents the penetration into the wound surface of pathogenic microorganisms, that considerably accelerates the healing of the affected area. It effectively removes the swelling and inflammation, provides fast analgesic effect, improves microcirculation in the tissues of parodentium, does not violate the natural composition of microflora of an oral cavity, is easily transported with long-term use.
The gel does not contain ethanol and lidocaine. 

A dental product for fixation of removable prostheses in the case of mucosa hypersensitivity.
A thin layer of «Pectafix» powder should be applied to the clean surface of a prosthesis preliminarily wetted with water.When setting a prosthesis, press it firmly against a gum. The fixation time is 3 to 5 hours.
The powder contains sodium alginate and pectin —i.e. natural polisaccharides featuring good adhesion to mucosa and providing painless fixation of prostheses.

Cream «Pectafix» is intended for fixation of removable dentures for a period of 8-12 hours. When applied to the denture cream acts as a shim, providing a soothing effect on the painful areas of the mucous membrane.
Specially selected adhesive components included in the composition of the cream «Pectafix» preserve the integrity of composition in the long sorption moisture, so the cream «Pectafix»  possesses the following properties: 
provides a tight and secure fit to the gum;
firmly fix the prosthesis during the whole day;
protects the space under the prostheses from entering the food particles in the time of its reception;
prevents rubbed sore and inflammation of the gums;
easily removed from  prosthesis.

The plates on the basis of natural modified polysaccharides are used for fixation of removable prostheses.
The pad of the necessary size is put into water for 10 sec and is applied then to clean wetted prosthesis. 
The prosthesis should be placed on gingiva and pressed. 
Code  00000090 Gel - 60 g
Code  00000091 Powder - 40 g
Code  00013293 Cream - 10 g
Code  00001378 / 00001328 Plates for upper and low jaws each- 30 pc

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