System «Belagel-O»-(light) absorbs a certain spectrum of light, which activates the whitening gel. 
System «Belagel-O»-(light) provides the color betterment of the teeth by 6-8 shades on the scale of VITA. 
Gel is most effective in removing the yellow and brown stains on teeth that have not previously been subjected to whitening and can be used for whitening of all types of stains. Gel, as well as any other whitening materials, does not brighten restorative materials. 
Before whitening it is recommended to make prevent oral patient.
By using the gel which stores in the refrigerator it needs to stay at room temperature (23oC) during one hour. 
To protect the soft tissues of oral with cofferdam. 
With a brush gel is applied to the teeth layer 1-2 mm thick and evenly distributed. 
After applying the gel to set the lamp «Zoom» into position so that the light was focused on the teeth. The lamp should be located approximately 3-4 cm from the surface of the upper central incisors. It is recommended that 3 cycles of whitening for 20 minutes. 
After completing the third cycle, unplug the lamp and remove the whitening gel to the tooth surface. After removing the cofferdam rinse the mouth. 
After the whitening procedure it is recommended to tooth remineralization and fluoridation. 
Сode  00008915  Gel - 1,5 g

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