«Belagel-O» gel is used for removal of tooth discoloration and for pulpless tooth whitening.

«Belagel-O» is universal whitening gel system with carbamide peroxide as the most modern and sparing whitening agent. Peroxide is the source of atomic oxygen, under action of which there is breaking up of organic matters painting tooth tissues. Active oxygen removes bacteria cooperant to forming of unpleasant smell. A whitening gel contains 30% water, consequently, there is no drying and dehydration of hard tissues. Teeth do not lose brilliance. The ions of potassium incoming in the complement of 
«Belagel-O» prevent appearance of sensitiveness of teeth.
Depending on concentration of carbamide peroxide preparation can be used both in domestic terms under the supervision of dentist (12%, 20%) and in the conditions of clinical reception (30%).
It is recommended to combine domestic (at home) whitening with clinical.
At filling and restoration of teeth it is recommended preliminary to conduct whitening of dental row with the purpose of correct choice of tint of restoration material. 
Code  00000017 / 00000016 / 00000015  Gel  30 %, 20 %  or  12 % - 5 ml

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