Used for sealing fissures and sockets in intact teeth. 

«Fissulight» - color hermetic is light-cured 1-component material of low viscosity. It features high mechanical strength and long anticaries effect due to fluorinating components contained. 
«Fissulight» - color light-cured hermetic is produced as dough (white, transparent and coloured with the glimmered effect). Transparent dough is recommended for use in case of primary carious lesions as it provides easy control of enamel state 
under hermetic transparent layer. Coloured hermetics are easily applied and controlled during sealing. A bright colour palette (6 colors) will help to conquer the trust of little patient, giving him possibility to participate in the process of treatment at the choice of color of hermetic. Food dyes incoming in the complement of hermetic correspond to the norms of international standards and is not washed from curing material.
Light-cured hermetic can be easily and exactly applied to fissure by means of syringe.
Code  00008917 hermetic transparent - 1 ml; hermetic white -1 ml; hermetic gold - 1 ml; 
hermetic orange - 1 ml;
hermetic red - 1 ml; hermetic green - 1 ml; hermetic blue - 1 ml; 
etching gel for enamel and dentine
on organic basis - 3 ml
Code  00010044 hermetic transparent - 1 ml
Code  00008918 hermetic white -1 ml
Code  00010040 hermetic green - 1 ml
Code  00010401 hermetic gold - 1 ml
Code  00010042 hermetic red - 1 ml
Code  00010043 hermetic orange - 1 ml
Code  00010045 hermetic blue - 1 ml

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