The bioresorbable calcium phosphate material "Klipdent-Cem" is used for restoration of bone defects in dental surgery at implant, maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics and traumatology.

The biomaterial "Klipdent-Cem" consists of -tricalcium phosphate, monohydrate monocalcium phosphate, sodium hyaluronate, regulators plasticity and structural integrity of the material. Hardening of the material occurs as a result of acid-base interaction with the formation as the main product of crystalline dicalcium phosphate dihydrate having the structure of brushite, which has a higher rate of resorption than cements based on hydroxyapatite.
Sodium hyaluronate presenting in the material greatly improves its clinical properties, exerting a positive influence on osteoinductivity.
The biomaterial "Klipdent-Cem" ensures intimate contact between the bone and the surface of the dental implant, promotes the formation of the new autogenous bone and prevents the ingrowth of soft tissue, as an effective substitute for the traditional combination of "granular material-membrane".
Indicator of the strength of solidified material is equivalent to the strength of spongy bone. The biomaterial "Klipdent-Cem" is completely resorbed within 3-4 months after implantation.


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