Gel "Klipdent" is used:
  • for reliable protection and rapid healing of wounds after surgery;
  • for cover the defect after the bone building, optimization of the materials for bone regeneration synthetic xeno- or allo-origin, reducing scarring in aesthetically significant areas, and accelerate wound healing after implantation;
  • for support regeneration after surgical periodontal treatment, gingivitis, surface and deep marginal periodontitis.
The part of gel "Klipdent" sodium hyaluronate, is a highly purified biopolymer composed of repeating disaccharide residues of N-acetylglucosamine and glucuronic acid. Hydrated gel composition is equivalent to natural human sodium hyaluronate.  The narrow range of molecular weight and lack of animal protein reduces the risk of allergic reactions.
Due to the high viscosity gel slows the penetration of bacteria and viruses, serving as a biological barrier that has a positive effect on the healing process.
A mixture of hyaluronic acid with materials for bone regeneration significantly improve clinical quality by providing a positive impact on osteoinductivity, and fixation of the materials at the application places, preventing displacement augmentation material and ensuring the stability of the volume.
Gel effectively fixes the augmentation material regardless of whether it is auto-or allogenic transplant, performing the function of a biological membrane.
A protective effect and slow the absorption of hyaluronic acid provides reliable and predictable regeneration augmentat, especially when sinus lift operations.
Hyaluronic acid has a positive effect on the formation of new bone material, and provides the strength of the particles pellets, which allows for the augmentation of defects even in remote places.


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