Biomaterial “Klipdent”-PL membrane is used for creating a copy of the extracted tooth root to prevent alveolar bone atrophy and bone regeneration.

Set "Klipdent" -PL membrane consists of:
  • synthetic membrane is a copolymer polylactideglycolide;
  • granules based on the - tricalcium phosphate with high micro-and intergranular porosity. 
Each granule coated with a polymer shell consisting of polylactideglycolide. Under the action of temperature granules glued together to form a mechanically durable copy of the root of the tooth which is inserted into the hole just extracted tooth, while maintaining its anatomical form and dimensions, stops bleeding and it prevents infection. Exact replica of the tooth root made within 5 minutes after removing it.
The implant is resorbed within 6-8 months, being replaced by newly formed bone tissue, thereby providing optimal conditions for subsequent dental implant or orthopedic rehabilitation of non-removable bridge structures.


Production novelties