Biomaterial “Klipdent”-PL cosolvent is used for filling and restoration of bone defects in surgical dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery:
  • periodontal defects;
  • extraction of tooth;
  • sinus-lifting;
  • implantation;
  • resection of tooth root apex;
  • cyst excision.
Osteoconductive material “Klipdent”-PL cosolvent consists of granules ß-tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP) coated with a thin shell of biodegradable copolymer polylactideglycolide and the cosolvent. After mixing the granules with the cosolvent, the granules stick together, forming a plastic material with a high micro-and intergranular porosity, which can be introduced into the bone defect directly from the syringe. By contact with blood or oral fluid material takes the form of a bone defect, which provides stability to the defect and facilitates the procedure of suturing the wound. Biomaterial completely resorbed within 9-15 months.  Resorption takes place parallel to the regeneration of bone tissue.


Production novelties